Photo Retouching Service

Those perfect photos you spent a lot of time setting up developed flaws. They are not as perfect as you would have hoped. Before you throw those photos away and start all over again, there is hope.

Our photo retouching service can make those flawed photos look great. Retouching photos saves you time and it saves you money. By having your photos retouched, you can use those photos for whatever purpose you had in mind.

With photo retouching your models will look great, no blemishes, yellow teeth and so on. Or the lighting can be altered to give you the effect you wanted all along. The options are limitless.Visit our LinkedIn gallery.

photo retouching service

What is photo retouching?

You may know photo retouching by one of its other names. Besides the term photo retouching, it is called airbrushing, photo shopping, image retouching and similar names. No matter what name is used, your photos are upgraded to look like you wanted them to look.

No matter what is wrong with your photos, photo retouching can help you out. Even if you have dents in products, scratches on the images, dust spots and other photo ailments, photo retouching will remove those blemishes and deliver you a quality photo. The only thing that is needed after we are done retouching your images is your approval.

photo retouching service

Specific problems that need photo retouching help

#1. Wrinkled clothes-

this is a difficult situation to avoid. NO matter how many times you press a model’s clothes, something can always happen and those nicely pressed suits, etc., get a wrinkle in them.

Photo retouching removes those wrinkles and gives your models that perfect look.

#2. Beauty blemishes-

Ever get ready for that big date and to your horror the biggest pimple you ever saw sits right there on the end of your nose for everyone to see. Well similar beauty blemishes happen to models at photo shoots.

Beauty airbrushing can remove those blemishes and make like they never happened. Also, the photo retouching process can whiten teeth, make skin look younger and more.

#3. Flash reflection issues-

you know the problem. You take a photo and after you develop the photo the eyes of your model are red from the flash. Photo retouching removes the red and restores your model’s eyes back to their beautiful natural color.

Dust, light reflection, and other flaws can also be removed from your images with a little photo retouching.

When to use photo retouching

Not every photo needs to be retouched. Some actually come out the way you envisioned. The images look good and you are happy. But there are those times when images just cannot turn out just right no matter what the photographer does.

You may need to add a new small image to the photo to make it look just right. Or you want to change the lighting or visual effect. Or you may want to clean up the image to make it look perfect. These are some of the times where photo retouching comes in to save the day.

The key to good photo retouching is not to over think it.

Our photo retouching services

Here at Clipping Path Creative, we know how important your photos are to you. That is why we have a professional staff working 24 hours a day to make sure your flawed photos get the attention they deserve.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we can handle your photo issues with ease. We work directly with you until you are satisfied with the results. Also, we know that over-editing can be a problem but our experts are trained to spot that situation and let you know when the your images are picture perfect.

All you have to do fill up the request a quote form. We are ready to help you get those perfect photos you want.

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