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Are you an auto dealer running a website? Many potential buyers turn to the internet to research cars before they purchase one. For this reason, your website needs to display pictures of your cars in the best possible way. If you were to simply take photographs of your vehicles with your digital camera and then immediately publish them onto your website, they would not look professional. To make car photographs look presentable to your buyers, you’ll need to take advantage of the car image enhancements services that we offer here. We are providing Car Image Editing services worldwide, but especially in the United States of America(USA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AUS), CANADA, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Singapore, China, Japan, Denmark.

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Car Image Background Removal & Replacement

Clipping Path Creative offers image editing services with a specialty in editing automobile images. For example, let’s say you have a picture of a car that was taken while parked on the street. You obviously wouldn’t want to show what is in the background of this image, such as the traffic, buildings, and/or people. What you’d want to do is separate the image of the car from this background so that it can be placed in a new background. This would be a background that lets the car stand out more.

change color in car images

Car image color change

Our car image background removal & replacement service can take out the original background in your photograph and replace it with any new background that you want. This could be a solid colored background or a background showing an entirely new setting. We have a professional team of car photo editors who are skilled in Photoshop and have years of experience with customizing car backgrounds. There is no background editing job that they can’t handle.  See our all reviews on

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Car Image Editing Supplier in the USA, UK, Canada

Car Image Color Correction

Like many car dealers, you have probably not taken commercial-quality photographs of your vehicles. Perhaps your cars have some dirt, dust, or bad lighting which you unintentionally captured in your photographs of them. Rather than having to take the photographs over again, you can hire us to go to work on these images and fix all their imperfections. If there is a little bit of dirt or grime on the sides of the doors, our editors can eliminate it from the photograph and make all the doors match the original color quality of the car. In fact, the colors will even be enhanced with more glossiness and shine to them.

As for the lighting, we can add brightness to certain spots of a photograph. For instance, if you take a photograph of a car while it is parked under a tree, there will be a lot of shadows and darkness in the car. You’ll want to brighten these shadowy areas up in the photograph so that they don’t look too dark. Our image editors can add this brightness and still make it look like natural lighting. Any inconsistencies in the colors of the vehicle will be corrected too.

Car Image Shadow Making

You can’t have a good car image without shadows. After the background image is removed and the colors of the car are corrected, the final step is to create a shadow effect. This is a customized shadow of the vehicle which creates the appearance like it is actually outside under bright sunlight. This could be useful if you took a photograph of a car inside a showroom and want to give it an outdoor background like in the desert. Once the background gets added, the shadows would get added underneath the car to match the setting and make it appear as if it is truly outside.

car shadow making

car image shadow making services by our car pics editing team

Why do you need our automobile photo editing services?

There has a lot of reasons to choose our automotive image editing services. Mainly, we can help you to increase your revenue up to 3x. If you take our services,  Guaranteed To Get You Higher Conversions, More Leads, and Sales (you’ve never seen this before). Try us, you will never disappoint!

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As you can see, car image editing is our specialty, so we are the best car photo editor in the world. We have edited cars that come from all the best brands, including Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Nissan. Whatever editing work you need to be done on your car images, Clipping Path Creative can do it quickly and efficiently. To find out more information, click the Contact link at the top of the page or use the Live Chat option to communicate with one of our customer service representatives.

Also, you can send us an image as a trial to judge our quality via the Free Trial page. If you need the quote for car photo editing services then feel free to send us request a quote via Quote page.

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